El Niño

Emotion robot for long-distance lovers

el Niño is an emotion robot designed to transmit emotions through long distance. Robots in pairs are sychronized through Internet. User can change the state of the robot to refect his/her own emotion and the other robot updates automatically. Long-distance lovers can feel the presence and the emotional state of each other without making phone calls.

- Publication: Xinyu Weng, Kristian Gohlke. 2012. El Niño - An Emotion Avatar for Casual, Collateral Communication. In: Workshopband Mensch und Computer 2012 (MuC 2012). H. Reiterer & O. Deussen (Eds.). Oldenbourg Verlag Muenchen, 167-171.
- This product is created in project "m/m/i" led by Prof. Wolfgang Sattler and Kristian Gohlke in winter semester 2012.